About Medtek Norge – the Norwegian Association for Health- and Welfare Technology

Medtek Norge is the Association for Health- and Welfare Technology. As of today we are organizing approximately 115 companies in Norway, which manufacture, distributes, sell, or otherwise take an interest in medical devices. The 100 companies have a turnover of nearly 9 billion NOK, which represent nearly 90 percent of the total turnover of the Norwegian medical technology market. Our members have approximately 2500 employees, all together.

List of our member-companies here

Medtek Norge’s main goals are:

  • To document the industry’s value contribution
  • To be an established and preferred point of reference, visible in the public debate
  • Procurement is based on economic assessments and quality
  • Medtek Norge has contributed to skills development for participants in the market

Medical technology is characterized by a constant flow of innovations that are achieved by a high level of research and development within the industry, combined with close cooperation with users. Products typically have an average lifecycle of only 18 months before an improved product becomes available. In order to maintain high levels of product performance and patient safety, the industry invests heavily in regular user training.

Clear Rules for interaction

The regional health authorities have entered into agreements concerning the nature of their dealings with the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI) and The Association for Health- and Welfare Technology (Medtek Norge). The agreements ensure that interaction takes place in a professionally and ethically correct manner.


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